How to reset password of Hikvision DVR

Here, i will shows you how to reset the admin password once you forget the password of Your Hikvision NVR or DVR. So check out this video to know how to reset password of Hikvision DVR by easiest method

The Newer firmware needs the user to contact Hikvision customer support for a xml file in order to unlock the device.

Follow these steps to reset the admin password for your Hikvision device(DVR/NVR).

STEP-1 Download and install Hik-vision 

Copy and paste the below link into another tab in your web browser to download the SADP Tool.

SADP tool download link-

Download tool to reset password of Hikvision DVR

Find the SADP Tool with latest version and click on it. Accept the agreement to download the Setup file.
Follow the basic installation process to install the SADP tool.

STEP-2 Connect the DVR with your Network and Run the SADP Tool

Now you have to connect your DVR/NVR with your network and run the SADP tool. If all setup successfully it will fetch the details automatically of all running DVR in your network. See the below screenshot.


Now Go to the right panel and click on the Reset Password. A new POP Up windows will appear to export and import xml file to reset the password.


STEP-3 Export and send the XML to Hikvision customer support Team

For new firmware you have to send the exported XML file to Hikvisiom customer support team for providing you another XML file that will be required to reset the password of your DVR.


STEP-4 Import Provided XML file and Enter 
new password for your device

Now you have to IMPORT the XML file provided by the support team and set the new password for your device.


How to reset password of Hikvision DVR

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