Gpedit.msc- How to add gpedit feature in win10 Home Single Language edition-(32bit)

How to use or add Gpedit.msc feature in windows 10, 8.1, 7 Home Single Language. In all other version like windows Pro this feature is installed automatically during OS installation. But in Home Single Language edition this feature will not installed. So to use this feature you need to install this feature manually.

Why Gpedit.msc missing on my PC?

The main reason behind the Gpedit.msc missing windows feature is the Version of your windows OS. You can get this feature in Windows Pro, ultimate versions only not in Home premium versions .After installation this feature in your Home basic version window you will be able to use basic Group Policies but unfortunately some feature will be missing. So the best way to use all windows feature is to switch to higher version of windows like Pro.

You can download the Gpedit.msc setup file from mention links.

Gpedit.msc file download link:

Alternate Link:


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