How To Configure Hikvision Dvr Online Over Hik-Connect Cloud P2P Service

Hik-connect cloud P2P service does not require users to forward the HTTP, Server and RTSP ports to make Hikvision Dvr Online. That means if you are using P2P feature on your DVR/NVR then you don’t need to make port forwarding over your modem, router or firewall.

Peer to Peer(P2P) is a communication protocol used between electronic devices where either device can initiate the communication path.

So in this Tutorial I’m going to show you “How To Configure Hikvision Dvr Online Over Hik-Connect Cloud P2P Service”. After this tutorial you will be able to setup your Hikvision DVR/NVR over p2p cloud service to access from any where without adding port forwarding over firewall or router.

Hik-Connect P2P service setup prerequisite

  1. NVR or DVR network settings to be configured with a correct IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS server.
  2. A valid email id for creating Hik-Connect user account.
  3. Device Serial number.
  4. Verification code for your device.

Follow these simple steps to setup Hikvision DVR/NVR Online using cloud P2P services.

STEP-1 Configure Network Settings

1- Login to your device using admin User id and Password and Click on ‘Configuration’ tab and

DVR Configuration Tab

2- Go to ‘Network Settings’ in left side menu and select TCP/IP. Now fill up IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS server as per your network then apply the settings.


STEP-2 Enable P2P Platform Access

1- Now Go to ‘Platform Access’ and Enable the Hik-Connect P2P Service by placing a check in the Enable checkbox then save the settings .


If the address listed is not ‘’, check the Custom checkbox[4] to manually change the address to

2- Verify the ‘Register Status’, it should be ‘Online’. If not then recheck your IP address and DNS server settings.

Register Status Online

If it is showing Status as Online then Go to Step-3. Other wise go to Network Settings again and recheck your settings.

STEP-3 Device Registration over Hik-connect portal

1- Click Here to go to Hik-Connect web portal for registering a new User Id. On the right side of the opened web page click on ‘Register’ button.

User Registration on Hik-connect

2- Fill up basic details and confirm the ‘Verification Code’ sent to registered mail id.

Email-id Verification

3- After registration login to the portal and click on ‘Device Management’.

Device mangement

5- Your device should be displayed here, now click on ‘Plus’ icon to add device. A POP UP windows will be displayed asking for ‘Verification Code’.

Add Device Serial

For ‘Verification Code’ check out the back side of your DVR. There will be a sticker having a Verification Code for your device.

Verification Code

Enter the code and click on Add button. You will got a message ‘Device Added Successfully’.

Device Added Successfully

STEP-4 Test Your Device

To Test your DVR or NVR. Note down the generated URL for your device and External Port details.

For External Port no Go to NAT settings on your DVR and note down http external port number.

NAT External Port

Your Device URL will be something like this

Where- refer to your Device IP and
31685 refers to your device external http port

Enter this URL in to any web browser from any where having internet connectivity to access your DVR.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Check out our video on “How To Configure Hikvision Dvr Online Over Hik-Connect Cloud P2P Service”

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