Ajay Maan(Author of MyTechnoSoup Blog)

About : MyTechnoSoup

“MyTechnoSoup” is a growing Tech Blog and a Channel on YouTube run by myself, “Ajay Maan”. I started this blog by uploading my first post in April 2017. During those days, after doing 4 years regular job as a profile of “System Administrator” i was getting bored from day to day repeated activities at my office. Daily 8 to 10 hour job can be bored any one. Then i decided to start some thing new that i really love to do and that also helps me to make some money after some days. The best part that i really like about blogging is free from locality, you can start your blog like me from anywhere. You don’t need to go for the job in different cities.

Since my childhood days I was attracted towards technology and when i was getting some free time in my daily routine, I thought how to share my knowledge to another people. Initially, I used to upload 1 video in a week on my YouTube channel, that used to get an average of 200-300 views. I am not a full time You-tuber or Blogger right now. Once i started to make some money from blogging and from YouTube, i will leave my job and become full time blogger I hope one day i will get the success with the help of you ‘my valuable audiences’. Here, on “MyTechnoSoup” you’ll find many posts, videos every week, covering explanation of various Technologies, Tech News, Latest Tech Tricks and Tutorials, discussion on Trending Tech Topics and a lots more.